Is it time to go casual?

Although working in a permanent full-time position may have suited you perfectly up until now, sometimes there can come a time when it no longer works for you or your lifestyle. Rather than trying to fit your life around work, there is another option you can take and that is to move into a casual position.

Working as a casual can be very rewarding, and there are many reasons why someone should start thinking about making the change:

Starting a family

It’s no secret that maternity leave and childcare in Australia is not as good as many other countries. Maternity leave is underpaid, and childcare is overcharged with a short-supply of placements.

A solution to the difficulties of securing full time childcare is to return to the workforce in a casual position. This will offer the kind of flexibility you may need in order to schedule your work around caring for your child. If you do this in conjunction with your partner, between the two of you, you can manage to care for your child as well as work. Even if there are some overlapping days or hours, paying for day care for only two days a week is much better than five.

Once the kids are older and attending school, it is also nice to have a flexible work system so that you can attend all of the awards ceremonies, sports days and concerts that you’d like.

Going back to study

You may have reached a point in your life where you’d love to consider going back to study. Perhaps you’ve decided you’d like to further your current career by adding some studies onto the resume, or you might be looking at studying in a different field entirely.

Whatever your reasons, if you are working full time you may have noticed that fitting even a small amount of study in is virtually impossible. Especially if you have other commitments in your life such as a family to take care of or a full social life.

Moving to a casual position will open your time up to allow you to take on some studies. Many students fit study in around a casual job. By staying in the same field that you are currently in, you can keep moving forward with your career even while studying instead of having to put everything on hold.


Have you been bitten by the travel bug? Do you have itchy feet? As you know, most workplaces will only allow you to travel for four weeks of the year. But of course there is a way around this – by going casual! Take on a job that is more flexible with rosters and you can start planning several holidays a year. You can take on as much work as possible while you are at home, and then head overseas for months at a time without having to apply for special leave.

While you are in a career transition

It’s not unusual for people to go through a stage of questioning their career choice. After all, we do make this lifelong decision at a tender age when we are just in high school, so it is fair that many people need to re-evaluate it down the track.

If you find yourself wondering if you are in the right career, you may not want to make any rash decisions and quit your current job before you figure out what it is you really want to do. Instead, you can reduce your hours at work by going casual, while spending the remaining hours doing something else. You could use the time to see a careers counsellor, or to volunteer somewhere, or even to do an unpaid internship in a place of work you think you might be interested in.

Perhaps you aren’t looking for a new career at all. Perhaps you are just getting tired of working so many hours in this one. Taking a step back for a while and doing casual hours might revive you enough to give you back your passion for your career, helping you to come back stronger than ever. Registering with an agency like Best Practice Nursing can actually open you up to more experiences within your profession than you’ve had before, helping you to make a decision about which area of nursing you’d most like to be part of.


Casual work can often get a bad rap when it comes to the financial side of things. No paid holidays, no sick leave and only being paid for the hours you turn up to work can make people baulk at the idea of moving from permanent to casual. However, the truth of the matter is, if you join the right agency such as Best Practice Nursing, you will quickly discover that we pay all of our nurses above award wage. That means, by moving into casual you may even end up on more money than what you currently earn, for less hours worked.

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