The benefits of becoming an agency nurse

An agency nurse is different to a nurse who holds a permanent position in the one hospital. They are a qualified nurse who takes different positions and shifts that they find through an agency like Best Practice Nursing. Depending what shifts they sign up for they could be working in one hospital one day, and another one the very next. There are many benefits to becoming an agency nurse. Read on to find out if being an agency nurse is for you:

Family friendly shifts

If you have a family, chances are shift work gets in the way of family commitments. Night shifts in particular can be hard on those with a young family.

By becoming an agency nurse, one of the benefits is that you no longer have to work night shift – or any other shift that isn’t suitable – if you don’t want to. When you sign up with an agency, you take on whatever shifts suit you, no matter what time of day they are. You are also able to organise your shifts around school holidays, so you don’t have to worry about finding vacation care for your school-aged children.


As well as working around your family commitments, being an agency nurse offers more flexibility in all parts of your life. For example, if you have been thinking about going back to study, perhaps to further your career or just out of interest, it is something you can finally do if you become an agency nurse. You can organise your shifts around your class timetable, or give yourself time off for exams and assessments.

Flexibility is also great if you are someone who likes to travel regularly. Instead of being in a permanent position where you have to apply for time off, or always being worried about how much leave you have owing to you, you can become an agency nurse and schedule your holidays in as often as you like.


As opposed to holding down a job in the same position for years, as an agency nurse you are free to try different things. You can apply for all different types of shifts, in a variety of departments, expanding your experience across a range of areas around the hospital. Also, because you are employed through the agency you don’t have to worry about office politics, meaning you can focus on the job at hand and furthering your skills and experience.

By working in various departments and across many hospitals you will also be exposed to different technologies and new ways of working. You can bring this knowledge of different processes and equipment to other jobs, or back to your permanent position once you have one.

A final way of gaining some great experience is by the ‘sink or swim’ method. Changing wards, departments, hospitals and colleagues constantly will mean that you have to throw yourself into the new job and pick it up fast. You may only be rostered on for a shift or two at each place, so you will get used to learning on the fly pretty quickly.


If you consider yourself to be a bit of a nomad, good news; You can still continue to work hard in your career while also doing a bit of travel. As an agency nurse, you are free to choose shifts wherever you wish. If you like the idea of visiting new areas you haven’t been to before, or even living between different parts of the state, you are able to do this without compromising on your career. Especially as the shifts through Best Practice Nursing are always high quality placements.

Find your ‘forever home’

Another benefit of becoming an agency nurse is the flexibility it allows when you are looking to embark on a big life change – such as moving. If you like the idea of moving to a new area but you aren’t sure where yet, you can take shifts in different places until you have found one you’d like to call home. Once you’ve decided on a place, continue to take on the shifts until you are completely sure. And of course, you can then take advantage of the flexible work balance while you are moving into your new home.


Need to save some cash? Being an agency nurse pays more than most permanent positions. Our agency pays above award wage for all shifts, so you can be guaranteed that you are earning well for the hard work you are putting in.

A chance to network

By moving around to different departments and locations, you will end up working with a huge variety of colleagues and bosses. If you are a good, hard worker, your reputation will start to precede you, and this will mean you are welcome back to any of these hospitals when there are shifts next available. It will also be helpful if you need referrals for other jobs, or if you decide to start looking for a permanent position and need people to put in a good word for you.

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