Join the BPN team of nurses today!

  • You receive professional personalised service from consultants who like you, work in the medical field.
  • We have casual, part-time and full-time placements available.
  • We can give you exposure to a broad range of work environments and flexible work options.

How it works

  • Register via our Website
  • Complete registration documents
  • Quick approval from BPNA
  • Start applying for shifts

What you receive

  • Access to our website for shift availabilities
  • 24 hour a day booking service
  • SMS crisis shifts
  • The highest possible pay rates
  • Confirmation of all shifts via SMS or email
  • All the appropriate information for your shift
  • Incentive programs with regular bonuses
  • Access to ongoing education



  • Pay rates depend on level of experience and shift times. We pay above award rates to all our nurses.
  • Agency nurses are employees of BPNA and are paid on a weekly basis. You will need to complete a timesheet and submit this to our office in order to be paid.
  • You will need to fill out and submit the following to BPNA-:
    • Tax File Declaration
    • Bank account details
    • Superannuation Fund Membership details